SKATERS are on a roll thanks to the first indoor skate park in Swindon.

The ATBShop Skate Warehouse has proved a huge success, with dozens of skateboarders, in-line skaters and scooter riders using it every night.

It is based at Hawksworth Industrial Estate near the Oasis and also houses a shop with skate and scooter equipment and a café where young people can hang out.

The skate park is split into two sections, a street section with moveable ramps and the main park which consists of a 5ft mini ramp, a 7ft 6in roll-in and a 13ft ‘shoot the moon’ ramp.

Owner Diana Kirk said: “This place is designed by skaters for skaters.

“This will be the fourth weekend we have been open and every night there have been so many people here.

“The whole place is really good and we have gone with a clean look with a couple of bits of art rather than lots of graffiti tags, and the people who use it have respected that.

“The park appeals to people of all ages. We have got some older people who have come back into skating so it’s not just the young people.

“The youngsters have all said how good it is, though, and it is good to give them something productive to be doing with their spare time.”

The skate park has proved to be a huge success with skaters.

Ben Eades, 17, from the town centre, said: “This has really improved the whole skating scene in Swindon.

“Skaters don’t have anywhere indoor to skate and this place has proved really popular, especially with winter coming.

“It’s cleaner than anywhere else in the town. The outdoor places aren’t the nicest to go to with drunks hanging out and broken glass but here it is just people who want to skate.”

Luke Prout, 21, from Old Town, who when he isn’t working at the skate park simply hangs out there, said: “It’s brilliant for young people. At times the council have not been very supportive of skate parks in the town but now we have somewhere where we can go.”

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