A new pop up shop in Chippenham’s Emery Gate shopping centre is selling goods made in or close to Wiltshire.

Products include crafts and food items and range from wooden insect houses, aprons, chopping boards, jewellery, prints and soap to tea, chilli sauces and honey.

Dan Gregory, of Chippenham and one of the people running the shop, said: “A lot of people sell wares at market but don’t have a permanent outlet. We are here until Christmas and would like to see if it is a model that may work elsewhere.”

Chippenham Mayor Andy Phillips opened the shop, called Pop Shop Wiltshire, on Thursday.

He said: “It is not just a new shop but an enterprise that is exciting in its aspect and vision. The people running it are using Chippenham as their opening gambit and have replaced an empty shop in one of our main shopping centres, which is welcome.”