Children in Derry Hill took part in an unusual world record attempt as part of the run-up to Remembrance Day.

On Thursday, youngsters at Rub a Dub Pre-school arrived dressed in red to try to form the largest poppy made from people.

Every year the children make poppies for a wreath, to be placed on the war memorial at Studley Lane, and take part in a parade through the village.

But this year staff and parents decided to do something extra and stage a world record attempt.

Staff marked out the shape of a poppy in the pre-school hall with string and arranged children around the shape. Then staff members stood in the middle of the poppy dressed in black.

Jane Clark, whose child attends the pre-school, said about 16 children took part and staff planned to write to the Guinness Book of Records to see if this could be the beginning of a new record.

She said: “We want to show that we as a pre-school care about Remembrance Day. There’s no record there already but it’s a good starting point and maybe next year we could get the school involved.

“The parents have been really supportive – its actually enthused people to come along and join in the march on Sunday.”