A special constable who wants to be Wiltshire’s first police and crime commissioner shopped an elderly dog owner to the force when her Jack Russell bit him while he was out delivering election leaflets.

Colin Skelton, from Salisbury, who is an independent candidate, was apparently bitten when he called at the home of pensioner Liz Chandler in Roundway Park, Devizes.

Mr Skelton said: “It’s the second worst pain I have ever felt after being accidentally sprayed with PAVA spray (used by police to incapacitate) a few years ago.

“I was looked after by a neighbour who took me to A&E at Salisbury District Hospital. It will take several months for the wound to heal completely.

“I understand it was an accident and that the lady is very upset, so I won’t be taking it any further.”

He said he was accidentally sprayed with the PAVA while on a police exercise.

Mrs Chandler, 80, has denied Tigger, 11, was responsible. She said: “I was in the garden pruning roses when I heard Tigger barking. “I walk very slowly so it took me some time to get to the door but by the time I got there there was nothing so see. I saw the leaflet but I saw no blood or anything.

“Then, about 6pm that evening, I had a policeman call round. He took all my details and by the time he had finished I felt like a criminal. I was very upset at the way I’d been treated.

“One of my neighbours phoned up the police to complain and the young man came back and apologised.

“But he said that the chap who was hurt would take no further action if I was remorseful and took some action to prevent it happening again.

“What have I got to be remorseful for?”

Mr Skelton was seen dripping blood by neighbours Doug and Kathy Hills.

Mr Hills said: “It was a very serious wound, certainly more a dog bite than anything else. We brought him in, bandaged him up and gave him a cup of hot, sweet tea as he was clearly in shock.

“Then I took him off to hospital, trying Devizes Treatment Centre and Devizes Hospital, neither of which wanted to know, before finally arriving at Salisbury District Hospital.”

The election takes place on November 15 and is between six candidates.