CHILDREN and staff are celebrating after the completion of months of building work at their pre-school.

Ferndale pre-school, which is based in Ferndale Primary School, has expanded and will now be offer more places for young children.

Jayne Greenwood, manager of the pre-school, said that they were pleased with the development.

“In April, Ferndale Primary School invited us to expand our pre-school to meet the growing need of the community,” she said.

“We completed building alterations and recruited extra staff in just over four months. This has enabled us to offer more places and to take children from their second birthday up to school age.”

The pre-school now has a second playroom for the younger children, and a specific snack and lunch area, along with a separate office.

“Due to the creation of the extra pre-school places, we currently have more space available for children in the area,” she said.

The pre-school received good and outstanding grades in its latest Ofsted inspection.

For more information phone Jayne on 01793 513639 or email