A Trowbridge pensioner is appealing for information after her beloved cat went missing.

Mrs Margaret Staples, 83, believes her three-year-old black and white cat was taken from her home in central Trowbridge around midday on Thursday.

Mrs Staples was talking to a neighbour when she saw a man walk down her drive. Believing him to be delivering a leaflet, she ignored him, only to later discover that the cat, called Pussy Cat, had disappeared.

She said: “I’ve had her for three years and we’re very close – she sleeps with me and purrs very noisily. Everybody around here knows her, she does occasionally visit other people’s houses, but whenever she goes wandering she always comes wandering back.”

Pussy Cat is mainly white, with black tips around her tail and ears. Anyone with any information is urged to contact The Wiltshire Times.