Horse riders in Easterton are appealing for help to finance warning signs to motorists to slow down when approaching the village.

Carol Street is just one local equestrian to have experienced one or more close calls when riding in the environs of the village near Devizes.

She said: “Another rider and myself were riding up Kings Road approaching the sharp bend at the top of the hill. A 4x4 towing a low loader came round the bend and came very close. My friend said the trailer missed me by about three inches.

“Then, at the weekend, I was riding down White Street with two friends. All three of us were wearing high visibility jackets. I was aware of a car coming along fast behind us so I indicated for them to slow down. As the driver went past she gave me a V-sign.”

Ms Street is campaigning for road signs on the approaches to Easterton but has been told by Wiltshire Council it will cost her £564 to have them installed.

She said: “This is too much for the parish council so we will try to raise the money ourselves. “We have already had a lot of support. The British Horse Society is putting £250 towards it and we have had other generous donations, including £50 from the landlord of the Royal Oak.

“We are up to £450 now so we are nearly there.”

The signs are likely to be installed on the Urchfont side of Eastcott and outside Easterton Manor, although Ms Street said she would prefer it to be sited at the Market Lavington side of Drove Lane.

She said: “As it stands, this is an accident waiting to happen and we need something to be done urgently. There are probably more horses than people in Easterton and all we need is a little consideration from drivers.”

Anyone who would like to contribute to the cost of the signs can contact Ms Street on (01380) 818873.