Calls have been made for an indoor site for a skate park in Chippenham to be considered.

Concern has been growing since a task group set up by Chippenham Area Board identified River Island at Monkton Park as the only possible site for a skate park.

This has dismayed residents in the area as a skate park was taken down from Monkton Park some years ago due to noise.

Chippenham Folk Festival organisers say if the facility is built at River Island it could threaten the festival as River Island is one of the venues it uses.

A public meeting will be held on November 26 at Monkton Park council offices at 7pm to discuss the proposal including the results of noise assessments.

But at a meeting of Chippenham Area Board on Monday night there were calls for an indoor site to be explored, following the examples of Devizes and Malmesbury where indoor skate parks have opened or are in the pipeline.

Councillor Bill Douglas said he had visited the Devizes indoor skate park and said: “We should have an indoor park for further consideration to offer the public more choice.”

Councillor Chris Caswill said: “I’m personally not persuaded by the River Island option.

“I hope the option relating to an indoor skate park will be considered.

“Some of us were very impressed by the efforts of residents of Devizes to get an indoor skate park off the ground – it’s something that could be emulated here.”

A resident, who had also visited the Devizes indoor skate park, said: “It’s a very impressive site and we need to move forward with that.

“It would be a great addition to Chippenham to have an indoor skate park.”

Dick Stanger, a youth worker and supporter of the Chippen-ham Folk Festival, said: “I cannot agree that River Island can be used by the festival and a skate park.

“I object to one site being put forward for consideration for this project.”

Councillor Desna Allen, chairman of the skate park task group and Area Board, said she would welcome a proposal for an indoor skate park to be discussed at the public meeting on November 26.

Councillor Peter Hutton, a member of the skate park task group and Area Board, said: “Nothing has been determined. The skate park task group has been sitting for two years. We are consulting.

“All community views are needed on November 26.

“If may well not be River Island. If the community says no we will listen to them and revisit the proposals.”