Students from MP Claire Perry’s Devizes constituency who came out on top in an art contest she ran travelled to the Houses of Parliament to see their entries displayed in her office.

Four students from schools in Mrs Perry’s constituency travelled top the House of Commons to see their winning artwork on display. Accompanying them were Pewsey Vale School’s head of art Colin Jenkins and Pewsey Vale student Jodie Perryman, a keen photographer.

Jess McSherry from Avon Valley College at Durrington was the overall winner and the runners up were Oliver Walter (Avon Valley College), Beithe Graystone, from Pewsey Vale, and Katie Sims, from Devizes School.

All secondary schools in Mrs Perry’s constituency were invited earlier this year to entered the art competition with the theme of Identity.

As well as having tea with Mrs Perry, the students, together with Jodie and Mr Jenkins, were given a tour of the Houses of Parliament.