A group of motorbike enthusiasts have gone back to school, for a first aid class which could potentially save lives.

The 13 members of the Wiltshire Bikers club attended the course at the Proactive Learning Centre in Trowbridge, where they earned a national first aid qualification.

The course focused on dangers faced by bikers, but also covered skills and techniques which could prove lifesavers in day-to-day life.

Gerry Simpson, of Wiltshire Bikers, said: “What we were looking for was qualified training to help us deal not only with road traffic accidents, but with other incidents that could happen at work or at home.

“Six hours later, we were all delighted to end up not just with a qualification, but the confidence to help should we be faced with an accident or other emergency.”

The session covered basic first aid, preserving life, stabilising an injury, promoting recovery and basic CPR principles.

Plans are under way for another course next year. For details, visit www.wiltshirebikers.co.uk.