Residents in Lyneham, unhappy that open space has been turned into a site for commercial waste, have won support from Wiltshire Council.

The waste skips are on informal public space next to homes at Harrow Grove.

Modern Housing Solutions applied for retrospective planning permission to house the commercial waste at the site together with building fencing and gates to create a compound.

Wiltshire Council received 15 letters of objection from residents saying the use was inappropriate in a residential area and had a harmful visual impact as well as a loss of public open space. Lyneham and Bradenstoke Parish Council also objected.

Planning officers agreed that the site was not suitable for a commercial waste operation but recommended that temporary permission be granted for six months to enable the operator to find an alternative site.

But councillors on the Northern Area Planning Committee, which met on October 31, disagreed and granted permission for one month only.