CONTROVERSIAL plans for a development of 12 homes in a field in Wanborough have been approved by Swindon Council.

Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey received support from the council’s planning committee on Tuesday for homes on the 1.1-hectare greenfield site south of Stanley Close.

Planning permission will be granted by officers, subject to conditions,including the satisfactory resolution of drainage details and the completion of a legal agreement to secure funding towards infrastructure mitigation work.

The authority received 28 letters of objection during the statutory consultation on the plans, with concerns including congestion in The Beanlands, increased risk of flooding for homes further north, and loss of green open space.

Gary Sumner, the chairman of Wanborough Parish Council, which backed the plans, said the development included underground storage facilities, as well as ponds and improved ditches, so it would reduce the flood risk.

He said: “When you look at the planning application, you have to take into account of whether you think if a developer appeals, would they then be granted that application.

“The site sits between housing developments, so it was an obvious one. “And the developers have agreed to a number of measures that will mitigate any issues.

Coun Andrew Bennett (Con, Ridgeway) said the committee had asked for some issues to be ironed out before planning permission is granted, including screening of ash trees around part of the site and traffic arrangements.

“It was a relatively inevitable scenario because of the nature and history of the site,” he said.

“What I’m pleased about is that because the developer spoke to the parish council we have got the flooding mitigation works, which is something the parish council couldn’t afford so that’s a benefit to the village as a whole.

“They have been very helpful in as much as the site has been under examination for a long period of time and it’s probably as good as we can get.”