A traffic warden was forced to take refuge behind two parked cars after a driver blew his top when she gave him a parking ticket in Chippenham.

The incident ended with the female enforcement officer’s hand-held computer being ripped from around her neck, causing bruising for which she needed treatment at Chippenham Hospital.

It happened on Monday at the Bath Road car park, and resulted in Daniel Mallett, 24, of St Peters Close, Chippenham, appearing before North Wiltshire Magistrates Court the following day.

He was charged with one count of assault, a second charge of stealing a hand-held computer device worth £2,000, and a third charge of criminal damage by trying to destroy or damage the stolen property.

Mallett pleaded guilty on basis to the offences at the first hearing.

After placing a ticket on the Vauxhall Corsa the female officer heard an angry shouting from a man behind her. Mallett is believed to have taken the ticket off the car and thrown it to the ground.

His mother tried to calm him down but it is alleged that he turned on the traffic warden causing her to lose her balance but not fall over. The traffic officer sought refuge between two cars before calling the police.

It is then said that Mallett got in the car and started revving the engine before driving around the car park in a dangerous manner.

Whilst driving the car he grabbed the hand held computer around the officer’s neck and pulled it from her and continued to drag her until it broke, say police.

Mallett is then said to have stopped and dropped the hand-held device on the floor before stamping on it around ten times.

It is then believed that Mallett drove to his home address where he was arrested by police officer and taken to Melksham Police Station.

The police officers found the computer device in a workshop in the house with a hammer nearby.

Police Sergeant Phil Connor has sent out a strong message stating that abuse of a traffic enforcement officer will not be tolerated.

He said: “They have a difficult job to do keeping the roads clear.

“There is a proper appeals procedure in place for anyone who feels aggrieved in receiving a ticket.

“Anyone who makes any threats or uses any violence towards our colleagues in the Wiltshire Council can expect to receive a robust response.”

Dick Tonge, cabinet member for parking, said: “This sends a very clear message that we will not tolerate abuse of our staff, whatever their job. I am very pleased our colleagues at the police have acted so swiftly.”

Mallett has been released on bail with an electronically tagged curfew while a pre-sentence report is obtained and will appear back at court on December 3.