Pupils at Stanton St Quintin Primary School became spies for a day to help the mysterious Captain Bell on Operation Enigma.

The one-day event, called Spy School and organised by the school’s maths leader, Sarah Matthews, saw pupils engage in a range of code-breaking activities.

Mrs Matthews said: “It was really good, there have been lots of positive comments.

“They really enjoyed it – lots have said it was the best day ever.”

After splitting into teams, students went to the woods near their school and took part in activities such as judging distance and observation.

Mrs Matthews said: “One of the favourites was walkie talkies in the woods.

“There were targets in the distance and they had to use binoculars to see them. We were so fortunate with the lovely weather, everyone was so excited.”

After each activity, teams were given a letter which ultimately made a codeword needed to graduate from Spy School.