WHILE watching films for 12 hours would leave most people with square eyes, Twi-hards turned out in their hundreds for a marathon screening of all five of the Twilight movies.

About 250 fans arrived at Empire Cinema in Green-bridge yesterday afternoon to embark on the showing of the complete Twilight saga, ending with the newest release, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

And more than 500 extra Team Edward and Team Jacob members arrived at the cinema at midnight to watch the final part of the five-part saga, which told the end of the tale of Bella, Jacob and Edward.

Among the crowds was Lisa Wills, 45, a district nurse from Cricklade, who was wearing a Breaking Dawn t-shirt and holding an Edward mask.

“I had such a good time when I came to this last year that I told my friend, Lisa Higgs, that she should come too,” she said.

“We are completely the wrong generation because it’s a teenage film but it crosses all the boundaries.

“I have seen the films hundreds of times – I buy them as soon as they come out. I can quote them line for line. I’ve read all the books as well.”

The screening started at 2.50pm yesterday and finished at about 2am.

As well as seeing all five films, people who attended the marathon also watched footage from all the Twilight Saga premieres and fan events, as well as camera pieces from the fans and actors.

Also among the audience was 17-year-old Cirencester College student Crystal Struve, 17, from Park South, and her friends Bethan West, Amy Grace and Georgia Leach.

Crystal said: “We have been planning and preparing what to bring. We had McDonalds before we came and we have brought pillows and slippers too. We hope we’ll stay awake – we’ve got college in the morning as well.”

Amy, 17, of Park North, said: “I wanted to see the marathon because it is the end of it. We need to celebrate the end of an era. It is going to be one of those things we always remember.”

Michelle Reid, deputy general manager of the cinema, said: “This will be one of the busiest midnight showings we’ve had this year. I think people identify with the characters and enjoy being on either Team Edward or Team Jacob.”

“We sold 250 out of about 320 tickets for the complete Twilight saga screenings. At least another 500 people bought tickets in advance to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2.”

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