Children at The Mead School got Wiltshire's Children in Need effort off to a flying start today.

The 64 pupils at the school’s Wingfield site have already raised over £300 through a sponsored non-uniform day, gym circuit and cake sale. The pupils are now gearing up for their own talent show The Wingfield Factor this afternoon, and are hoping to raise even more money by the end of the day.

Rob Cunningham, senior teacher and head of site, said: “Our parents here are wonderful. One mum made all the cakes herself, enough for every child in the school.

"All the children have come in non-uniform, either in their night clothes or dressed in spots, and they’re all looking really warm sat in their dressing gowns.”

“A lot of the money raised has been through families raising sponsorship, and we’ll be selling more cakes at the school gates at the end of the day.”