Calls have been made for Wiltshire Council to take action to ensure businesses in Chippenham High Street will not be affected by flooding.

Fears have raised about the adequacy of the drainage at the lower end of the High Street close to the bridge over the River Avon as surface water flows down.

Wiltshire councillor Bill Douglas said shopkeepers had expressed concern to him including WH Smith where water gathered at the top of the entry step into the shop.

Wilkinsons manager Kevin King said: “I know shops have been flooded in the past and we have had an extremely wet summer. Being so close to the river the council should look at the drainage or check what flood measures are in place.”

Chris Orwin, owner of Penny Lane sweet shop next to WH Smith, said: “When we have torrential rain it pours down and the drain near my shop can’t cope. A few months back it was like a little lake there. I was getting a bit anxious.”

Coun Douglas raised the issue at a full meeting of Wiltshire Council.

He suggested that a pumping station at the bottom of the town could monitor flooding and pump excess water over the walls into the river.