Police officers have told how they tried to save the life of bowler Tommy Ford, who was killed after being in collision with a lorry in Corsham on Monday evening.

Mr Ford, 89, of Cresswells, Corsham, died after the accident at just after 5pm in Valley Road.

PCSOs Shaun Redmond and James Gatherum battled to save him by giving him CPR.

PCSO Redmond said: “We were just on our routine patrols in the area when we got the call from control. We quickly attended the scene, administered CPR for around 15 minutes with medical staff. We got Mr Ford on to the stretcher but unfortunately they couldn’t do anything for him.

“We did the best we could but unfortunately it wasn’t to be and our sympathies go out to Mr Ford’s family.

Mr Ford had a distinguished naval carer, winning medals for his service in the Atlantic and Pacific during the Second World War, and again in the Falklands war.

He was involved with the Royal British Legion, and was a keen member of Corsham Bowls Club. He leaves a wife Bridget and a daughter Lynn, who lives in Gloucestershire with her husband Rod.

Police closed the road when they arrived at the scene and it reopened again at around 10pm.

People living near Valley Road have raised concerns over the speed vehicles travel down the road, which has a 30mph limit.

Sonia Lavington, of Creswells, said: “We have a problem with speed on that road, I have had two cats run over there. The lorries definitely do over 30.”

“Eileen Carr, also of Creswells, said: “They used to have police manning the speed up there, I think it needs some kind of traffic calming. It’s a 30 mph speed limit, but a lot of people speed. There used to be a high police presence.

“I have nearly been got run over before I had my cataracts in. I just was crossing and my husband got hold of me, otherwise I would have been a goner.
“That is a bad road, they do go down there too fast. I think they should put a little camera up there

“Sometimes you see a copper with a speed gun up there, but they spot them and slow down.” They should get a speed camera down there, that would make a difference.”

Chris Hunt, of Creswells, said: “They go really fast down here.”
Wiltshire Police are investigating the incident and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.