Town councillors in Malmesbury will meet next week to talk about how it can plan better for floods like those that devastated homes on Sunday.

Days of torrential rain finally caused the River Avon to overflow into the High Street early on Sunday morning, flooding a dozen houses.

Four people were rescued from the first floor of their homes and dozens more took shelter in pubs.

Among them was 72-year-old Patricia Pouting.

She said: “The television, carpets washing machine, everything is gone. I’ve been living here for 40 years and 14 years ago it flooded but nothing as bad as this.”

Mayor Ray Sanderson said the meeting would discuss a community flood plan. Coun Simon Killane said: “We can’t stop flooding but maybe we can stop houses from getting so damaged.”

The floods brought chaos to the roads with more than 40 people rescued by firefighters from stranded cars across the area.