Wiltshire firefighters have been working around the clock to help those affected by flooding over the last week.

Torrential rain has been hammering Wiltshire since last Wednesday and the fire service has been on hand to help.

Phone calls to the fire service started at around 10.30am on Wednesday, November 21, with a number of properties in Ashton Road, Minety, needing water pumped out.

Firefighters’ first call to Malmesbury was later that day to a home in the High Street with water going into the lounge.

Chris Harvey, watch manager at Malmesbury Fire Station, said: “Everyone was given as much help as we could, and we’ve done as much as possible for damage limitation more than stopping.

“The Rose and Crown were very good, with tea, coffee, shelter, and even fed us on Wednesday evening when it was clear we’d be there for a long while.

“Flooding is flooding; it’s something we deal with. We did the best we could until water got to a level we couldn’t make a difference on and then it became a salvage operation.”

A fire service spokesman said: “All our usual crews were around over the weekend, but on Wednesday it was so much busier so we made numbers up by borrowing a crew from Ludgershall.

“With any crew, different people are around at different times. Crews from Swindon helped as well.”