North Wiltshire MP James Gray said he will support Wiltshire Council if it chooses to bid for funding from the Government towards the cost of clearing up the flooding.

Mr Gray visited flooding victims in Malmesbury, Sherston, Luckington and Castle Combe on Monday. He said: “It’s just devastating. The filth and squalor in the houses affected in Malmesbury, in particular, was appalling. It’s awful and everyone’s hearts go out to the residents affected. No one really complained about the flood alleviation measures which are in place and worked pretty well. It was a huge flood that overcame the flood barriers.

“I think Wiltshire Council has done an extremely good job in flood avoidance and has also been proactive with flood warnings in partnership with the Environment Agency. A very great many people were warned by text and email.

”Could more have been done? Yes, you could always do more. We have to balance that with resources and whether what happened was a one in 100-year or one in a five-year episode.

“If it was a one in 100-year event I would prefer to see more money spent on schools and the elderly but if it is a one if a five- year episode I would like to see more done to prevent it.”