PROSPECT Hospice has opened a new shop in the town centre which specialises in books, furniture, music and photography.

The three-fronted shop, which is located on Commercial Road opposite the tented market, divides into a dedicated bookshop – the hospice’s first in many years, and a bigger store selling furniture, pictures, mirrors, photographic equipment and music records.

The shop opened on Monday and is already enjoying success.

Prospect’s Head of Retail Charly Rich said: “We are very excited to have opened our biggest central Swindon shop and I am confident people will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of the goods we have.

“We hope the large number of people who live in close proximity to the shop will come and explore all that we have there, and feel that we are providing a real community resource within the neighbourhood.”

Area manager Tracey Nicholls has been working for Prospect since January.

She said: “I am really passionate about the charity. It does really great things and I know that the money I am helping to generate is going back into the hospice.

“We get donated so many lovely things, especially cameras, so that is one of the things we really want to emphasise here at the new shop, as well as the records. It is going to be a lot more specialised than some of our other shops.”

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