The Marlborough-based music festival OneFest has been postponed for a year to allow organisers to plan a bigger and better event.

Organisers told festival goers that the event would be ‘taking a break’ via Facebook and Twitter just before Christmas but it will be returning in 2014.

One of OneFest’s managing directors, Sandra Bhatia, said: “We want to organise a bigger event and we didn’t have enough time for all the planning so we decided to hold off for a year but planning has already started for April 2014, the first festival of the year.

“We are all really busy because we have other projects and jobs away from OneFest and planning a festival takes a lot of time but we’re meeting up next week to see how things are going and we are talking to people in London to help organise the 2014 programme.”

The festival was first organised in 2011 to support the Barge Inn community project at Honeystreet, near Pewsey and was called HoneyFest.

But in 2012 the festival cut its ties with the pub, became OneFest, and found a new home at Rockley Manor on the Marlborough to Wootton Bassett road.

Ms Bhatia said: “One of the things we are looking at is a new venue and we’ve been looking all around Wiltshire.

“There are a couple of places we’re really interested in. We want to keep it as close as possible to the original sites but it’s got to be appropriate for what we want to do.

“Both of the previous festivals have been really great and very different but the first venue was very small.”

Since the announcement was made on social media sites several festival goers have got involved by suggesting acts they want to see at the 2014 event.

Ms Bhatia added: “Everybody has been really supportive and a year is not a long time to wait, 2014 will come round really quickly.

“A lot of the acts that have been suggested by people are ones we’ve already been looking into which is great.”

In 2012 the family-friendly festival was headlined by the frontman of Britpop band Blur, Damon Albarn, and also featured The Dry River, who played at the inaugural festival and have been requested by gig goers for 2014.