AFTER being told she cannot be cured of cancer, Natasha Macdivitt and her family are making every day they have together count.

The 27-year-old, of Haydon End, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July 2011, and breathed a sigh of relief in September when she was given the all-clear.

But the mum-of-three has now been told that the disease has appeared in her lungs and bones – giving her less than a year to live.

Her family and friends are fundraising to make sure the children have fond memories of spending time with their mum, and also to pay for an alternative treatment, which is not available on the NHS, which could extend Natasha’s life expectancy.

Natasha, who is having chemotherapy, said: “It was a shock to me when people set things up off their own backs. I am overwhelmed by how many people want to help.

“With some of the money raised I want to make happy memories for the children. I don’t want them to just remember me being ill and tired at home all the time, so whenever I feel well enough I plan to do things we could never afford if it wasn’t for the kind people donating.

“I have hired a wheelchair to enable me to do these things as I can’t walk long distances now without getting very out of breath.

“The first thing we did as a treat was to go to Wembley last Saturday to watch Disney on Ice. We all had a fantastic time.”

When Natasha finishes chemo she is also hoping to use some of the money to pay for high-dose vitamin C therapy, which costs £80 a session. The treatment is based on an intravenous infusion of a pharmacological dose of vitamin C, which contains the equivalent of 500 oranges in each dose.

Natasha, who is wife of Danny, 30, and mum to Joshua, 10, Hayleigh, eight, and Katie, four, said she was grateful to everyone who has helped raise about £2,000.

Her friend, Lisa Benge, held a fitness event to raise funds, and her father, Nigel Lelliott, and friend Suzie Turner will be holding an auction evening in the next couple of months.

“I would like to thank everyone. A big thank you to my Dad, Lisa and Suzie,” she said.

Dad Nigel, 47, of Nythe, said: “We just want to fulfil the children’s wishes with their mother before she goes. We want them to have some happy memories.”

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