BILLY the buzzard can be seen soaring above the greens of a golf course again after staff rescued him from a tree last month.

A week before Christmas the greens staff at Ogbourne Downs Golf Club rescued the bird, which had tangled itself in a tree on the course.

Now known as Billy, the buzzard was unable to fly and, after being taken to the nearest veterinary practice it was found he had suffered nerve damage to his wing.

The Swindon Swan Sanctuary, a charity which runs on donations, then helped to rehabilitate him before he was released into the skies on Wednesday.

John Edwards, of the club, said: “They were uncertain whether anyone would be available to home the bird and his prospects did not look good, especially after he bumped into a bulldog at the vets.

“Thankfully, he overcame the shock and Sue, who runs Swindon Swan Sanctuary, helped to rehabilitate him.

“Billy made a good recovery and on Wednesday he was given the all clear to be released back on to the course near to where he was found.

“Wildlife is a big part of the experience we offer and we are grateful to Sue for helping return the bird in good health.”