A provider of Mental Health Day Services in Wiltshire has received a £6,500 grant from Wiltshire Council, which will help its clients with digital services.

Alabaré Include offers a wide range of daytime activities and support to people across the county who are suffering from mental ill health.

The grant has enabled the team to go digital and work with iPads to continue to support their service users while on the move.

Mike Hibbard, iPad lead, said: “This is a great step forward for support services.

“The use of digital resources, such as iPads, will enable us to bring an enhanced service to those we support.

“By using such tools, we can provide those who suffer from a variety of mental health conditions with a more tailored service.

“For example, we have several service users who suffer from anxiety when visiting unfamiliar places, which causes a barrier to community participation, leading to social isolation.

“By using apps such as Apple Maps with 3D views we will be able to navigate particular streets and areas with an individual before encouraging them to make the daunting step of visiting the place in person.”

By using digital technology, Alabaré Include will cut down the need for written copies and postage and create a greener, cost-effective service.

The money saved will be reinvested in activities provided by them.

The service supports clients to identify goals, plan the journey of recovery and make use of community resources and provides befriending, monitoring and one-to-one support to make people feel included in the community.