For those looking to try something new in 2013, TAOS Musical Theatre is looking for performers to take part in their next show.

First rehearsals for the production will take place at Clarendon College, in Frome Road, Trowbridge, at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

For the new year, TAOS Musical Theatre have changed their name from the Trowbridge Amateur Operatic Society.

Chairman Claire Borovac said: “We’ve already had a few people get in touch and it is a really great hobby for people to try. What we’d really like is to have more young men in the group to add a new dimension, but everyone is welcome.

“We decided to have the name change as we think the word operatic puts people off, as it gives the impression we perform grand operas which we don’t.

“The TAOS name is well-respected in the area and we wanted to ensure we kept that.”

The group’s next show is at the Arc Theatre, in June. More at or email