CONVICTED killer Glyn Razzell has been moved to a lower security prison as he waits for a legal test case, which could pave the way for him to mount his own court challenge.

The former banker, serving a life sentence for murdering his estranged wife Linda, has been moved from HMP Kingston, in Ports-mouth, to HMP Guys Marsh, in Dorset.

He said in a Christmas card and a letter sent to the Adver that he is waiting for the case of Nunn vs the Chief Constable of Suffolk, to be heard at the Supreme Court.

Kevin Nunn, who is serving life for killing his ex-girlfriend, wants forensic evidence re-examined in a challenge, which will consider disclosure by the police after a defendant is convicted.

Razzell, 52, also wants access to scientific reports concerning the crucial evidence in his case – two tiny traces of Linda’s blood found in a car belonging to one of his friends.

The documents are in a dossier hundreds of pages thick which is held by Wiltshire Police.

Linda’s body has never been found after she went missing in 2002 on her way to work at Swindon College.

Several other women from Swindon have vanished over the years and Razzell, who has always protested his innocence, claimed in the letter that the number may be much larger.

He wrote: “Figures I got from The Times law section in November 2011 gave some statistics for missing people. “About 250,000 are reported missing in the UK each year with 75 per cent returning within 48 hours. “Another 15 per cent return within a year.

“Around one per cent are found to have died, mostly through accident, suicide or natural causes.

“That leaves over 20,000 people a year who just seem to stay missing, although the police were reported to only having 5,000 ‘missing persons’ on their books at any one time.

“Taking a population of the Swindon area as 300,000 or 0.5 per cent of the national population, and extrapolating the figures, ignoring any demographic variations, and assuming The Times’ data was broadly accurate to start with, that would imply around 25 people from Swindon being on the police missing books and the whereabouts of a few hundred more being unknown.”

Wiltshire Police have rebutted Razzell’s claims, pointing out he has already lost two appeals.

They have called on him to reveal the location of Linda’s body for the sake of their four children.

At the time of the murder the pair, whose matrimonial home was in Highworth, had been in the middle of divorce proceedings in which Razzell stood to lose financially.

A spokesman for the Supreme Court said no date had been set for the Nunn case.