Oddity Theatre are giving you the opportunity to get in touch with your animal instincts this weekend when they hold their auditions for their next production, The Adventures of Mister Toad.

This two-act musical based on the Wind In The Willows is being performed in April at the Athenaeum in Warminster, and they are looking for actors of all ages.

Whether you can sing brilliantly or not, or whether you can dance like George Sampson or Gene Kelly is irrelevant. What they want is strong actors to portray the famous characters and bring them to life, people who will work hard and play hard and commit themselves to producing a show that everyone will love.

To try out, come to the Athenaeum Centre in Warminster High Street on Sunday at 10am wearing comfortable clothes and join the audition workshop. You could become one of the newest members of the theatre company.

For more information email mailbox@odditytheatre.co.uk