A Trowbridge church has lined up a year of events to celebrate its 200th birthday.

The Zion Baptist Church, in Union Street, formed in the town on January 6, 1813, but did not have its own building until 1816.

On Sunday, the church held a special service which included a lunch for members.

Pastor Stuart Burgess is looking forward to continuing to celebrate the anniversary.

He said: “At this time of year, people often make resolutions and many are forgotten within days.

“But our church resolution this year should really be to be thankful for all God has done for us in the past and for all he will do in the future.”

The church is planning to launch a book, take part in a Big Sing celebration event, hold a concert and stage a summer flower festival.

To mark the 200-year milestone, a display featuring the names of every person who has ever been a member of the church has gone on display.

The 1,040 names are also accompanied by a photographic montage including images from the 1900s right through to the present day.

Heather Skull, the church’s communications manager, said: “It was a challenge to put this together, but a really interesting one. You look at the names of those who originally had the faith to start this church and it really makes you think about how much vision they must have had and such assurance that it was what God wanted them to do.”

The Zion Baptist Church’s text for the year is Psalms, while members have chosen the Trussell Trust, which runs foodbanks across the country, as their charity for the year.

For more information about the church, call 01225 752383 or visit www.zionbaptist.org.uk.