Castle Combe Cycling Festival and Severn Bridge Sportive, which will be running at Castle Combe Circuit on Sunday June 2, is seeking a charity partner for this year’s event.

This will be the second year of the Cycling Festival at Castle Combe Circuit and, with visitors reaching around 2,000 people in 2012, this one-day event offers fabulous opportunities for a local charity to raise awareness and hopefully much needed funds in these tough economic times.

Marketing and events manager Jo Sparrow said: “Castle Combe Circuit has a long history of working with local charities with the majority of its events having some sort of charitable link. 2013 sees the second year of the Castle Combe Cycling Festival and it would be fabulous for us to have a dedicated charitable partner for this event.

“The main requirements from an event point of view is to have an enthusiastic partner who wants to drive awareness of their charity to the family audience. Visitors in 2012 ranged from 12 months to 70 years thereby offering a complete cross-section of ages.

“The theme that pins them all together though is a love of cycling, a love of fun and a love of having-a-go! A charity that works to this same sort of ethos would be fabulous.

“We have no restrictions on whether this should be a local, regional or national charity. The main requirement is that it has a local branch so that we can work closely with the charity organisers to ensure that we can maximise their potential at the event.”

Castle Combe Cycling Festival is offering a range of fundraising opportunities to potential charitable partners from sponsored rides of the circuit – the ‘Circuit Challenge’ – to collecting buckets, online donations and more. The charity will also be provided with complimentary presence on the Castle Combe Cycling Festival website (with links through to their own website) plus a complimentary trade stand on the day itself.

If your charity is interested in becoming involved with Castle Combe Cycling Festival 2013 then please contact Castle Combe Cycling Festival on (01249) 782417 or e-mail: for an application form.

Forms must be completed and returned by February 8.