Shops in west Wiltshire have seen today’s snowy weather effect on trade.


Many stores across the region have seen a reduction in footfall because of the heavy snow fall overnight which has continued throughout much of the day.

June Warr, of H J Knee department store, said: “It’s been a little bit quiet today as people are maybe deciding not to go out because of the snow.

"We’ve not seen people bulk buying or anything like that but a few people have come in buying shovels and other items like that.”


Supermarkets haven’t noticed a vast increase in bulk buying of food goods but some department stores saw a big rise in cold weather supplies in the build up to today’s snow. 

A spokesperson for Countrywide, in Melksham, said: “We’ve had a fantastic week leading up to the snow, but today with the weather being as it has been it's been much quieter. Yesterday was a record day for a weekday, but today has been steady, but quiet.


“Yesterday we were selling a lot of wellington boots and sledges, as well as logs and coal, but our normal customers are still in buying feed and bedding for the animals. The staff have been great, I haven’t had one person unable to make it in.”