All of Hardenhuish pupils made it to school for their leisure studies, physics and maths AS resits today, said headteacher Jan Hatherell.

Students living in surrounding villages slept at friends’ houses in Chippenham last night so they could walk into school.

The school rang its 18 candidates yesterday to tell them to prepare.

A couple of staff members living nearby were able to walk in to conduct the exams.

Abbeyfield School headteacher David Nicholson was at home making a snowman with his children this morning and tweeted good luck to their candidates.

Several pupils enjoying the snow day were out sledging in Monkton Park. Leon Cresdee, 12, said he was cheering when he looked out the window this morning.

Jasmine Neil, 17, of Pewsham, had to go in sit her law A2 exam. She said there was an eerie atmosphere in the school because there were so few people there. She said her boyfriend was in the doghouse because he was supposed to come into support her but had not been able to make it from Calne.

Also waiting for his law A2, Kyle Kidd, 18, of Pewsham, said: “It was a pain because the whole way from to school was under snow.”

Myles Reid, 17, (18 on January 19) walked from Monks Way to sit his physics A2. “It’s cold and I kept slipping up everywhere ‘cause the snow kept getting under my feet,” he said.

Hardenhuish, Abbeyfield and Sheldon all expected to be open as normal on Monday.