Many businesses across Wiltshire have struggled on today, despite the difficult conditions.

Melksham's Christie Miller Sports Centre has remained open all day, even though the staff outnumber the customers.

Duty manager Charlene Fenwick said: "We've been open since 7am this morning and probably had about seven customers. We've still got some gym customers in, but if it stays like this we'll probably close early tonight, though we expect to be back open as normal all through the weekend.

"A couple of members of staff live in awkward places in Trowbridge, but most of us have been able to get in no problem."

Some employees from the Moulton Bicycle Company managed to beat the snow as they started work early, while others left their cars at home and cycled in.

Steven Harvey, who works in sales at the company, said: “I cycled eight miles along the tow path. Although we haven’t been able to take many deliveries it has been a good day with lots of hot Bovril going round.”

Many staff at Avon Tires in Melksham made it into work this morning, only to be sent back home again later in the day, while swimmers at the town's Blue Pool made the most of the quiet lanes, getting in some lengths before it closed early at 2pm.

However some firms have benefitted as people take the day off work. Nina Hillman, of Libra Hair Stylists in Melksham, said: "It's been really good today, all of our stylists are local so we can all walk in, and we've had lots of people coming in as they do their shopping.

"Some customers have from the more rural areas have had to cancel, but generally spirits are high, the town's quite busy, and there are children out having snowball fights. It's actually been really nice."

With more snow forecast over the coming days many firms are expecting further disruption, as main roads grind to a halt.