More than 3,000 tonnes of salt was spread on Wiltshire’s roads, footways and car parks as Wiltshire Council’s highways team worked around the clock the keep the county moving last weekend.

Since Friday, 3,070 tonnes of salt have been used to treat primary and secondary networks, community routes, car parks and town centres, ensuring disruption was kept to a minimum during the wintry weather.

Community support has also been welcomed with 50 farmers assisting with snow ploughing and blowing and many town and parish councils activating their local snow plans developed with help and resources from Wiltshire Council.

Grit bins have been regularly refilled during the weekend and residents are being advised to use 1 tablespoon of salt to 1/m2 ratio of ground.

The council is prepared for any further wintry weather with crews across the county on stand-by.

As the cold weather continues crews will salt the primary routes and monitor the situation.

People are being encouraged to drive carefully in the current conditions and never assume a road has been treated.

Wiltshire Council’s twitter account @wiltshirewinter will be giving up-to-date information on the conditions and affected areas.