AS people got to grips with the snow sweeping across the town, the animal kingdom has also been adjusting to the colder weather.

People weren’t the only ones enjoying the arrival of the white stuff over the weekend, with animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park venturing out to explore their new surroundings.

The snow presented a whole range of problems for four-legged and feathered creatires.

Some inquisitive animals were enjoying their first glimpse of the snow while others from colder climates such as the wolverines and snowy owls were far more at home in the wintry weather.

At Cotswold Wildlife Park, measures have been put in place by staff to ensure its collection of animals are kept cosy amid dropping temperatures.

Primate keeper Hayley Rothwell said: “The snow is a welcome novelty for many of the species at the park, presenting new opportunities for investigation.

“All the keepers are working hard to keep all of our animals safe and warm.

It is tough going in the snow but it has to be done and as long as our animals are okay, we are happy.

“Most species stay inside where it is warm and dry, especially our primates and meerkats.

“Other species, like our wolverines and snowy owls love the snow.”

Cotswold Wildlife Park is open every day except Christmas Day and for information to plan a visit go to their website at