A wild boar that chased a dog walker two weeks ago almost came a cropper when it was hit by a car.

A driver on the A420 near Allington reported a collision with the boar on the A420 close to the Allington Farm Shop at 8.30am on Friday.
She said the animal ran out in front of her and she crashed into it.

She said the boar ran off. Police have not found it.

The boar allegedly ran off and police said it has not been found.
Several sightings of a wild boar in the same site were reported earlier this month, followed by a sighting near Sheldon School two weeks ago.

Earlier this month dog walker Paul Gardner, of Brook Street, Chippenham, said he came across the beast between Sheldon School and Chippenham Football Club.

He said: "It started charging towards me and I screamed like a girl.” 

His scare came after several sightings earlier the week before. Police received calls saying a wild boar was on the loose on the A420 and one was spotted near the Allington Farm Shop.


Six officers searched for the boar but could not find it.

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