TEMPERATURES might have been dropping below freezing this week but that has not stopped people baring all for charity.

Residents across Wiltshire have been getting their kit off to raise funds for the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal.

What started out as a picture taken by a care worker, Leanne Myers, who had just had a rough day at work in the snow on Friday, has turned into a worldwide hit.

Since starting the Facebook group on Friday the 40-year-old from Durrington has had more than 8,000 people liking her page including hundreds of people from across the county.

Mrs Myers chose the charity after her daughter Ellie was born six and a half weeks premature, 12 years ago, and was in the neon intensive care unit for five weeks where they detected a heart condition.

She said: “The site has just gone crazy, I didn’t even realise the impact it would have.

“I tried to do this a couple of years ago but chickened out, but on Friday I had had enough and wanted to do something to cheer my colleagues up.

“I look after people in their own home and while everyone else was having a snow day we couldn’t.

“When I got home I went round to my neighbour, Danielle Smith, and we did this stupid picture with guitars.

“I put it on Facebook and just expected a few friends and family to comment but by the next day it had gone crazy.

“We have had people of all ages getting involved, I can’t believe it. ”

Among those who posted a picture is Wayne Bawden, who, along with his partner Gemma Cuss, is friends with Mrs Myers.

He posed serving a glass of something warm to a snowman, as a snowdog looks on.

Ms Cuss said: “It is a public site so anyone can view, join and upload. Some of the pictures are more revealing than others.

“This photo was Wayne’s addition to the site. We had already built the snowman and the snowdog and everyone on Facebook was going mad over them, so Wayne thought he would use them as props.

“I was crying with laughter taking the photo, hence the reason it is so blurred.”

Another person who has braved the arctic temperatures to get a picture in the snow is Marie Hughes, 39, of Royal Wootton Bassett, who has been captured outside the Audi showroom in Swindon as well as in her own back garden.

She said: “I have two daughters, Chelsea Louise Humphrey and Georgina-Marie Matthews who were in the Salisbury special care baby unit so when I found out it was for the Stars Appeal I wanted to be involved.

“It is for a good cause and it is great to see so many people involved.

“It was freezing when I did it and with the Audi picture I nearly got caught twice.

“It is something different to do in the snow.”

The amount raised by the page had reached more than £1,300 yesterday and to make your own contribution visit www.justgiving. com/letsgetnakedinthesnow.

For more information about the campaign or to view the pictures visit www.letsgetnakedinthe.co.uk