A mobile phone app aiming to bring shoppers to Trowbridge is planning a big push to get more members over the Easter holiday.

The TikTap app shares offers from Trowbridge businesses, allowing shoppers to use their mobile phones in-store to redeem the deals.

Shoppers can also easily see the range of stores in Trowbridge thanks to the app.

The app, launched by mobile technology firm 2ergo Ltd, features the county town as a reward for the hard work of Trowbridge Town Team campaigning for the government’s Mary Portas funding last year.

Ellie Gill, co-ordinator for Trowbridge Town Team, said: “This is a loyalty scheme for people to sign up to and it is a fantastic tool to promote Trowbridge.

“Since we launched in October, we’ve been encouraged by the sign-ups we’ve had so far, but we really want to further engage with people over Easter.”

Users ‘tik’ the offers which appeal and when in a shop can ‘tap’ their mobiles over an electronic ‘pod’ to redeem them.

Up to 50 Trowbridge businesses can take advantage of the technology on a completely free trial with no hardware or licence fees for the first year.

Visit www.tiktap.com or contact Ellie Gill at trowbridgetownteam@gmail.com or Mark Barnes, TikTap’s partnership manager, by emailing mark.barnes@tiktap.com.