People living in houses on the hillside in Bradford on Avon have won their campaign to control a nearby car park.

They have been campaigning to take over Conigre Hill car park since 2010, so they can park as close as possible to homes where there is no road outside or with limited on street parking.

They set up Bradford on Avon Hillside Comm-unity Interest Company (HiCIC) and got support from the town council and area board.

In November, Wilt-shire Council transferred legal ownership of the car park to HiCIC.

Its chairman, David Maude, said: “In April 2011, the rise in car parking charges pushed traffic further up the hill.

“They were parking all day, or parking badly, and it gradually got out of hand. The best people to work out the solution was the community itself. It was important that we did it, rather than someone else imposing it.”

There is a limit of 30 spaces and a waiting list has already been formed. HiCIC have decided to double park, to create more space.

“We all know each other’s cars, so they can ring when they need to get out. It is an exciting community venture,” Mr Maude said.

Visitors to the neighbouring Zion Baptist Church can also use the car park.

HiCIC agreed, at a meeting on Sunday, that full users will be charged £3 a week and part-time users £1.50. The revenue will go towards maintenance, signs and a barrier for the future.

Mr Maude said: “We are satisfied that we have met the needs of the community.

“We will protect the car park from being built on and we will maintain it. Notices have been put up and we have had positive feedback.”