TROWBRIDGE Cricket Club doesn’t want to be hit for six as proposed plans to build a new medical centre on land it uses were submitted to Wiltshire Council.

The proposals would see a new building on land behind Adcroft Surgery, in Prospect Place, incorporating the Bradford Road Medical Centre.

The plans would see the centre in Bradford Road close as the two surgeries merge.

The cricket club is concerned as the building is intended to go on land it uses next to its ground, which it has rented from the NHS for around 50 years.

“We don’t want to stand in the way of a better health facility for the people of Trowbridge, but it would be nice if somebody showed an interest in the club and what effect this would have on us,” said the club’s vice president Colin Poplett. Previously, plans had been proposed to build a primary care centre on the land, known as the hospital field, with the potential closure of Trowbridge Hospital considered.

At the time, Wiltshire Council agreed that a section 106 agreement be put in place, to provide the club with a replacement facility should it lose the field.

The NHS then decided instead to make improvements to the town’s hospital, but the club and the council identified space at Clarendon College anyway.

Mr Poplett said the club, council and school continued with investigating plans at the site in case of any future development at the field, requesting £40,000 of the section 106 money from Wilt- shire NHS to start grounding work at Clarendon College.

He said: “If funds had been released two years ago the process would have been 18 months faster. It would take two or three seasons before something at Clarendon would be ready for us to use.”

During last Thursday’s Trowbridge Area Board Meeting, held at County Hall, doctors from both surgeries discussed plans.

Dr Stephen Locke, of Adcroft Surgery, said: “We will leave a square on the field and whether that is of use to the club I don’t know, but we are trying to engage in some kind of mutually agreeable resolution.”

He said the surgeries’ partners were hoping for planning permission by April and, if it was granted, work could start in the second half of the year with it taking around a year to complete.

The merger would lead to the facilities of both general practices being improved, as well as the addition of an X-ray unit and improved general anaesthetic surgeries.

The club has spoken with the Wiltshire NHS Trust and Wiltshire Council, but wants to meet with representatives from the two surgeries.