DOZENS of confused commuters returned to their cars last night to find they had been blocked in.

Due to icy conditions in the long stay car park in Station Road many drivers found it hard to see the lines marking out the designated spaces.

As a result, a row of cars had parked in space which is usually a lane for access in and out of the car park.

Simon Kent, of Peatmoor, was one driver who found his Jaguar trapped between two cars.

Simon, who usually works in Royal Wootton Bassett, arrived at the car park in the morning and parked in one of the designated spaces, but was amazed to find himself blocked in when he returned yesterday evening.

He said: “I can’t believe what has happened. I parked the car this morning in a space with a car next to me and at that time there were no cars parked in the row which is meant to allow cars to get out.

“I can’t believe how stupid those people could be, they must have been so focused on what they were doing they didn’t pay attention to anything around them.”

Luckily Mr Kent was able to move his car soon after as the one which was blocking him in moved.

The fiasco was a distraction for office workers whose windows looked out over the car park.

Tricia Edwards, an employee of Workman, said that they had seen a lot of people trying to manoeuvre their way out of tight spaces with some bumping cars out of the way just to get out.

She said: “We noticed what had happened at about 3pm. We looked out of the window and saw the four lanes of cars all close to each other.

“There have been people who have got themselves in all sorts of trouble trying to get their cars out and some have barged the cars out of the way.

“There was one lady who came along and looked a bit dejected as she walked off.”