A house in Chippenham is a possible crime scene today after a suspected stabbing in the town.

A police community support officer was on patrol this morning when she spotted a front door on Audley Road lying open.

She went in to check everything was okay and found the bath and bathroom sink full of blood.

A man in his 20s was taken to Royal United Hospital in Bath with a stab wound to the arm last night.

Paramedics picked up the man from nearby Sheldon Road at 7.40pm, where he was found conscious.

The ambulance service said his injury was not serious and he has since been released from hospital.

Police said the Audley Road house was empty when they entered this morning and there was no evidence of a struggle.

They have cordonned off the house and were today making it secure.

They had been working with the owners Jephson Housing regarding concerns of antisocial behaviour associated with the tenants.

Investigations are ongoing.