30 properties went without power yesterday after a fallen tree branch brought down electricity cables in Trowbridge.

The branch fell at around 3.10pm, taking down nearby overhead cables on Victoria Road.

Police officers and engineers from Scottish and Southern Electric were called to the scene, where work began to remove the branch and replace the cables.

Power was restored to all affected properties by 7.30pm.

John Bishop, who lives on Victoria Road, said: “My wife was out gardening and a tree came down at my next-door neighbour’s house, blocking half of Middle Lane. The power cables came down across the road like a big skipping rope.

“I was a little bit worried a van would drive into it, so I my wife called the police straight away and I stood in the road directing traffic until they came.

“Everybody has been incredibly responsive and the public services arrived very quickly and dealt with it very responsibly.”