DRIVERS in Swindon can expect some cheaper motoring thanks to an innovative scheme that is officially launched this week to promote sustainable travel in the town.

Co-wheels, in partnership with Swindon Travel Choices, are launching the new Swindon car club tomorrow with a demonstration of the cars in Wharf Green.

The 'pay as you go' car club cars are operated using a smart card, and have state of the art telematics fitted.

Members simply book the car online at, arrive at the time of the booking, use their smart card to access the vehicles and drive off.

There are Car Club cars in Prospect Place (Old Town), Wellington Street (outside the station), Princes Street, and at Howse Gardens on Northern Road.

Aimed at individuals and organisations, the Car Club hopes to supress the amount of traffic in the town centre by reducing car ownership, thus cutting congestion and pollution.

For individuals, the cars could enable families with two cars to sell one of them, or they may help households without access to a car to get around cheaply, conveniently and quickly.

Organisations can treat the Car Club cars as inexpensive pool cars. This enables staff to take public transport or cycle to work, as they can use the Car Club cars for business trips. This reduces costs, reduces the need for parking spaces, and reduces congestion and pollution.

Matt Whitney, of Co-wheels, said “We have cars in Surrey, Gloucester, Oxford and many other locations across the country. As a social enterprise we are ‘not for profit’, and, with Swindon Council, we aim to promote sustainable travel.

“If you drive fewer than 8,000 miles a year, being a member of a Car Club will save you money. For the month of February we are offering free membership and £20 free driving credit so you can find out what it’s all about without any commitment.”

For more information log on to or visit the launch event in Wharf Green between 10am and 2pm tomorrow.