Almost 50 per cent more reports of violence in Warminster were made to police last year than in the previous 12 months.

The latest police performance figures show a 42 per cent rise in 2012.

The data, presented to the Warminster Town Council on Monday, show there were 66 more reports of violence between January and December 2012 than in 2011.

Police received 156 reports of violence against a person during 2011, but 222 in 2012.

However, the rate of domestic burglaries was down by 20 per cent and non-domestic burglaries down by seven per cent.

Vehicle crime rose 23 per cent and criminal damage and arson went up by nine per cent.

Reports of anti-social behaviour fell by 19 per cent, compared with 2011, after recording 638 such incidents in 2012.

Insp Lindsey Winter said: “The good news is that burglary remains lower.

“The figures regarding violence, while showing an increase of 66 reports, reflects a predominance of private space incidents, where reporting to police is encouraged.

“There are some reports of public space and night-time violence, but these are minimal in comparison to other Wiltshire market towns.”

Mayor Rob Fryer said: “It was my conclusion from the figures that the police are doing very well for the most part. The CCTV we invested heavily in seems to be working wonders.

“The rise in violence was mainly down to private incidents, which the police cannot do much about. Incidents like car wing mirrors being kicked off rarely happen any more – they used to be frequent.”