A THOROUGHBRED horse had to be put down after it ran out of a small holding in Studley Green and fell over.

The horse, called Pierre, was seen running around Talbot Green before falling over in the road, breaking a leg, at about 2.30pm on Sunday.

Nearby residents came out and tried to tend to the horse, who lived at a nearby field.

A vet was called to treat Pierre and police blocked the road to traffic.

Peter Hulbert, who had owned the horse for six months, said: “He just bolted.

“I don’t know what spooked him. He went absolutely bonkers, running up and down the streets, narrowly avoiding cars, until he fell.”

Pierre’s injuries were too severe for treatment and the vet decided to put the horse down.

Mr Hulbert said: “They wanted to shoot him, but I insisted they gave him an injection. I sat cradling him as they did and it was obviously very sad.

“I would like to thank everybody who tried their best to help Pierre, especially the local residents, who came out to help.

“I’d just like them to know that their help was appreciated.”