Bradford teenager collapses during Bromham football match

5:15pm Sunday 3rd February 2013

By Anne Moore

An air ambulance was called to Bromham Sports Club this afternoon after a 14-year-old football player suffered a cardiac and respiratory arrest.

The football player, thought to be playing for Bradford, was cared for by paramedics from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and a doctor from the Great Western Ambulance.

The crew arrived on the scene within two to three minutes. Due to weather conditions they took the boy to Bristol Children’s Hospital in a road ambulance instead of a helicopter.

A spokesman for the Great Western Ambulance said the boy’s condition was unstable and the next few hours would be critical.

He said: “We don’t know what caused him to go into a cardiac arrest it could have been a heart attack but it could have been something else that stops the heart beating like a stroke.

“Our crew was on the scene within two to three minutes and in the meantime on the scene people were performing CPR on the patient. “It was clear from the outset if he was in a cardiac arrest it was live saving treatment he needed. He has obviously been given the best chance by people performing CPR en route to the hospital.”


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