Bromham Youth Foot-ball Club organisers have praised first aiders and paramedics for helping a 13-year-old footballer who collapsed with cardiac arrest during a game.

Quinton Barham, of Trowbridge, was playing for Bradford Town Youth side in a Mid Wilts Youth and Minor League U14 cup match against Bromham on Sunday when he felt unwell.

It is believed the football-mad teenager had just scored his third goal when he complained of chest pains to his dad Paul.

Within minutes the youngster had collapsed on the side of the pitch but by then his team’s coaches and other first aid trained people had rallied round.

Pete Wallis, secretary of Bromham Football Club, said: “The Bradford coaches, under terrible pressure, behaved superbly in tending to the lad so quickly.

“We are lucky in Bromham to have so many paramedics living locally.

“I was amazed how many people appeared from all directions to help.”

The defibrillator from the nearby social centre was fetched but Mr Wallis is not sure if it was used.

Two paramedics in rapid-response vehicles were quickly on the scene and the air ambulance arrived five minutes later with a critical-care paramedic on board. A critical care doctor from Great Western Ambulance Service attended in a car.

The doctor put Quinton into an induced coma to allow him to be stabilised.

The decision was taken to take him to Bristol Children’s Hospital by road as there were fears that the helicopter could have difficulty landing.

Wiltshire Police provided an escort while Quinton’s father followed in a paramedic’s car.

Quinton’s father, mother Debbie, and sisters Toni-Anne and Claire and brother Lathaniel have been keeping vigil at his bedside.

Mr Barham, 48, said of the first aiders and paramedics: “If it wasn’t for them he would have died.

“They are life-savers and I want to thank everyone who was involved.”

Doctors say Quinton’s pulmonary artery is in the wrong place, causing the heart attack.

Mr Barham said yesterday: “The doctors have eased off the muscle relaxants and we are hoping he comes off them soon to see how he reacts.

“This is a critical stage for us.

“It was a long time before they could get a pulse and Quinton was on the ground being worked on for an hour.”

Ex-Premier League footballer Fabrice Muamba has been in touch wit the family via on Twitter to say he is praying for them and sending his support.