Police renewed their warning to motorists to take care when driving, after a morning of problems on the roads caused by black ice.

They received 12 reports of black ice between 4.51am and 8.30am today (February 7).

One incident believed to have been caused by black ice resulted in two drivers suffering head injuries in a three-vehicle collision at about 8.30am in Forest Lane, Lacock.

Early indications suggest that a burst drain in the road had frozen and the road remains closed.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “A number of minor injuries were reported as cars slid on the ice. Fortunately no one is believed to have been seriously hurt.

“We would encourage drivers to check the local weather forecast and to try, where possible, to avoid country lanes which can be particularly hazardous in icy conditions.”

Police are warning road users to keep up-to-date with road conditions before setting off, checking that cars are roadworthy and ensuring full visibility before driving.

Drivers are also urged to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin and avoid harsh braking and acceleration.